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Ashley, 21, wedding was September 15th, 2012. Mike and I have been together since 2006. This blog was a way to keep things organized. :} ♥

Organized Idea Pages:
Wedding Decor Ideas
Future (house decor, ect)
Rehearsal/Shower dress Ideas
Real Photos-My Wedding
Hair Ideas
Photography Ideas
Makeup Ideas

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here it is! my wedding video. September 15th 2012 :) by press & release media - Tyler Long. 

woman100percent asked: I love your blog! p.s. youre the thirst person i know to get married on that date, which is my birthday!!! :D congrats to you both


awe thanks so much :):) you can add my personal blog too Sing4theday :}

i love these photos.. my photographer caught the reactions of my bridal party as i started to walk down the aisle. my husband’s face :3